Creative Layers: Illustration + Design + Craft

Floral Brushes in Illustrator

It's springtime and with it, flowers are in bloom everywhere - including in my designs. For past illustrations, I've made custom brushes in Illustrator to make repetitive designs easier: tulip brushes to create a field of tulips, blueberry brushes to create a mountain full of blueberry bushes, leafy brushes to create a backdrop of trees, etc.

The floral designs I wanted to create required something not exactly photo-realistic -- still illustrations -- but not strictly cartoonish either. So I thought it would be fun to create a set of floral brushes to design with.

Read the blog post and tutorial here, and create your own brushes!


Greeting Card or Gift Box

A while ago I drew some pretty bows in Adobe Illustrator. I thought it might be time to dust them off and use them again, so for this project I created plaid repeating patterns (also in Illustrator) to go with them. I used a red bow and plaid pattern to create the gift box design seen here, and drew a template for an A-6 sized box. The gift tag is also part of the design.

I plan to use this box to package greeting cards and envelopes for Christmas gifts. Because the bow is part of the design, I can mail the box in a padded envelope without crushing it!

I've drawn the bows and plaids in many colors. If you'd like a set to use for your own designs, you can find them on my Etsy shop page.

Here is the Tutorial and Template for this project.

Popcorn Box Design

I've been using my new plaid patterns to make Popcorn boxes. The idea came from a Popcorn Box gift package I received. I took apart the box, changed the sizing, and made three versions to fit 8-½ x 11, 11 x 17 and 13 x 19 papers. The small size is useful for holding pens and pencils on my desk, the medium size is good for treats, and the large one could be good for holding small plants like the poinsettia pictured.

Here is the Tutorial and Template for this project.