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Popcorn Boxes in Three Sizes: Tutorial + Template

Downloadable template at the end of the post.

I love pretty little boxes. So when my husband brought home a gift package of four different popcorn types, all wrapped individually and presented inside a custom-sized popcorn box, it sparked some new ideas. First I ate all the popcorn, and then I was left with a cute little box, wondering what I could use it for. Instead of directly re-purposing it, I decided to pull it apart, lay it out flat, and use it to create a template to make my own versions of the box using my own designs.

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Greeting Card or Gift Box: Tutorial + Template

With downloadable template at the end of the post.

Recently I created a set of greeting cards from photos of my mother’s paintings and I wanted to put them in a nice presentation box to send to her. There are several online sources for plain white card boxes, but I decided to create my own box for a personal touch. This is the process I used.

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